Download Game Romans and Barbarians for Nokia 5800, N97, X6, 5530 and N8

Romans and Barbarians is a Java strategy game designed to work with Symbian^3 and Symbian S605th touch screen mobiles such as Nokia N8, X6, N97, N97 Mini, 5230, 5233, 5235, 5228, 5800 XpressMusic and 5530 XpressMusic. Render Rome a service and build up your own realm as a mighty emperor! Set up a powerful army and become a great general because of the threatening menace at the horizon: Wild barbarians are moving towards Rome to destroy your city and to steal your precious Sucus! Be well prepared for their warriors, shamans and hungry wolves! Morituri te salutant!

Ave, Caesar! Morituri te salutant! The Romans citizens trust in you, mighty emperor! Build up your empire, raise huge constructions and teach the Romans by taxes! Create your own Rome and care for the city's welfare! But something lurks out there! You'll get terrorised by wild barbarians and have to prevail against them with your own army! Fight for your citizens! Fight for your empire! Fight for Rome!

Prove yourself as an emperor and care about your city in the Campaign mode. You'll start in a small village and have to create your own Rome by new buildings. In each mission, you'll be confronted with new challanges. Different events call for different measures to maintain your empire. In the Empire mode, you'll start on a random map and play until your city gets overrun and Rome is doomed.

The time has come, my Caesar! The sun is shining and you should start to build up the Roman empire! The game is developed by HandyGames. Download the version 1.0 of this Java game from the following link.

Game Romans and Barbarians for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97 (570 KB)
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