TIC TAC TOE - RELAX: Relax Yourself With Adventure

Do you hear it? The play of the sea wave, the rustle of the golden sand under your bare feet and the cry of a gull? Do you see it? The bright sandals negligently left on the shore, green leaves of bamboo and the Sun speaking only with your mind? Do you think that it’s just a dream and illusion? Ha-ha, fortunately, you’re wrong…

All these unique features you’ll discover in the new mobile application TIC TAC TOE - Relax from XIMAD at OVI Store. This app product is appreciated by all lovers of brain storms games – both novices and masters. The strategy trend beginners value the 3*3 mode cause they may train their skills for the future active brain battles. As for the strategy gurus – oo, yeah, 6*6 mode – was specially created for you. Do not want to disclose all the TIC TAC TOE – Relax secrets but you can’t win there without special logic thinking. Do not believe? Just try. One little prompt – you ought to be smarter than the computer in 2 or even 3 times. That’s your golden key to success.

So, general game features:

  • 3x3 and 6x6 gameplays;
  • Configurable player names and score tracking;
  • 1 and 2 players modes (play with phone or with friends);
  • Rich graphics and relaxing sounds;
  • Fun with friends and kids included as a bonus.
One more exciting feature – the price. TIC TAC TOE – Relax has some versions – free and lite included. So you may enjoy the game without wasting your money, the only point you’ll waste – your time for the game cause it’s addictive and colorful

P.s. when going for a sea voyage don’t forget to take it with you – sure enough the perfect entertainment for the special atmosphere is going to make unforgettable your sea adventure.

Following is the link to download this application from OVI:


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