Download Game The Simpson Itchy & Scratchy Land for Nokia 5800 and N97

The Simpson Itchy & Scratchy Land is another great mobile game offerings from Electronic Arts Inc. for Symbian S60 5th touch screen mobiles such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230, 5233, 5235, 5530 XpressMusic, Sony Ericsson Satio and Vivaz. Yeah. That's it! We have to go to Itchy and Scratchy Land! Thank you. TV Commercial!

Dad, Itchy and Scratchy Land is cutting ticket prices on certain un-named alternate Wednesdays! Can you take us? Can you, Can you, can you? Fine, but you have to clean the gutters and ask your Mom about her day. Please be careful in the park. Using flash photography in front of the character robots is strictly prohibited. One little flash can't hurt. Or can it? Nah!

Finally we are here! The Itchiest place on Earth! Enjoy the Bubble room. Maggie! See you in five hours. Ooh the noon robot parade! Right on time at 1:30! Programming Override. Must. kill. Fat Guy and Family. Run! save yourselves. Better yet. Save me! Take that. stupid superior beings! Look! They destroyed the bowling alley! Balls are everywhere. It's like my birthday party all over again.

Run For Your Lives! It 's The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Land! Just like in the classic Simpsons episode, Our Favorite Family 's theme park outing is ruined by Itchy & Scratchy 'bots. Play as Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge as they survive Explosion Land, Unnecessary Surgery Land, Torture Land and Searing Gas Pain Land. Kill the Kill 'bots with Bart's stink bomb slingshot. Build Bomb 'bots with Lisa's Robo-Generator. Blow 'bots to bits with Marge's vacuum gun. Li fe is a thrill ride with The Simpsons.

The graphics of this game is superb. To get a better score, try to complete the bowling and mine levels as fast as you can, and score as many combos as you can on Bart's, Marge's and Lisa's levels. Depending on your score, you can win Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Get the version 7.8.48 of this game now and enjoy it on your mobiles.

Game The Simpson Itchy & Scratchy Land for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97 (3 MB)
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