Bend Mobile

It seems that the more technology advances the more the designers have to push the boat out to satisfy our appetite for weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmos. If we take mobiles as an example, we only have to look at what was available a few years back to see how far we’ve come. Remember the brick?

Now we have mobiles that are much more than a simple phone. Our mobiles double as digital cameras, we can transfer information from phone to phone using wireless, texting has become an art form with a whole new language of its own, and we can hold video conferencing calls, and that is just the beginning.

In recent years we’ve seen the SmartPhone come into being, we can browse the Internet, send emails, check flights, book holidays, and even pay our bills. Mobile phones come in all sorts of sizes and colours with various distinguishing features that separate them from the rest and of course we have our favourites. So what could possibly be next?

Here we have a concept mobile by designer Andy Kurovets and you’ll either love it or hate it. The Bend Mobile has what you would expect a standard phone to have like a screen, a keypad and a camera. This one, however, goes way out there when it comes to design.

There’s something I can’t quite get my head around and it’s just so happens to be the phone’s most distinguishing feature, and that is the curved shape, hence the name Bend Mobile.