California Car Rental

Car Rental

With some of the best rates in the country, and the most scenic areas in the west, booking a car rental is the smart thing to do when you're making your California travel plans. There are a number of places and lovely byways that tour bus companies don't go to. This type of transportation does not give you the mobility, privacy and value a cheap rental car can provide. Whether you're enjoying views of the Pacific on your California Coast travel or just want to do away with guided tours, a car rental is one of the best ways to get around the state.

You can enjoy the many Scenic Drives in California to the fullest and save time on your trip when you choose to get around in a car. Highway 1 takes you along the California Coast, all the way from Mendocino to San Juan Capistrano, in Southern California.

There are two different types of California car rental companies. There are small agencies that have rental cars for particular regions, and national companies with hundreds of locations across the country. If you're going with a larger chain, you have the option of picking the vehicle up in one state and dropping it off in another. There are often high fees for this, so plan ahead to avoid this additional expense. You could spend weeks alone just trying to cover all the places you learned about while planning your California vacation. You might want to save your tour of the other states in the Southwest for a time when you have a private vehicle that you can take anywhere in the country.